About Us

Training & Development Consulting (TDC) has been established since 2009 as a systems management consulting agency with the goal of raising the quality levels in business systems and offering practical problem solutions with the idea of “one stop shop”, TDC has managed to establish cooperation with numerous consulting firms, institutes, colleges and other organizations with experts who posses corresponding knowledge and readiness for both commercial and non-commercial work.

At the moment, TDC has an established cooperation with a great number of consultants in various fields, who are engaged in the project model with a vast experience in the field of consulting and training. TDC has a well-established cooperation with acclaimed world companies (PECB, KPI, Lean Sigma Six) at whose behest you can acquire consulting and training services on our market.

TDC has, to date, realized a great number of projects in commercial and non-commercial activities, of which the greatest number were regarding production process and international standard synchronization. All projects are realized under the full mentorship and dedication of our team. Professionalism and devotion of our consultant teams are key to success of each and every of our projects. “Quality first” isn’t just an advertisement, it’s an essential TDC business policy. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal..